3 Nov 2014

Eco ticket, the green and six times smart ticket

Rotoli eco ticket

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Errebi, oriented to green and high-quality products, introduces Eco Ticket. The ticket 100% environmentally friendly, economical and intelligent.
Rotolificio Bergamasco continues to support eco sustainability and this time decides to do it, with the creation of an innovative product: The Eco Ticket.

Eco Ticket is the ecologicaleconomic and six times intelligent ticket.

Intelligent because, equaled to a traditional thermal paper roll, is more economical.

Secondly, Eco Ticket is made in compliance with the used raw materials. Having a lower weight than the traditional rolls (48 gr. against the classic 55 gr.), the use of resources is optimized. The consumption of pulp used in its implementation is reduced to the minimum – maintaining the same quality -.

Eco Ticket, like all the rolls signed by Errebi, is also certified according to the FSC qualification. The document certificates that pulp and raw materials are from forests correctly and responsibly managed.

100% environmentally friendly.

The Eco Ticket is made in Rotolificio Bergamasco factories, where systems operate thanks to the energy coming from renewable sources.

In addition, the new roll totally green helps to reduce CO2 emissions thanks to the implementation of new transportation and logistics approaches.

Finally, the Eco Ticket, as well as maintaining the quality of the equivalent products, extends the cash registers life. The lighter weight reduces the need to replace the paper roll, going to have a positive effect on the maintenance of the recorder.

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