2 Mar 2018

Crisis in the thermal paper industry, rising prices

Crisis in the thermal paper industry, rising prices

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Serious problems in the thermal paper industry, the worldwide production of leuco dye is reduced by 80% and this crisis is reflected in the prices of thermal paper.

the industry is suffering a serious shortage of thermal paper.

This lack is caused by the new China environmental regulation. More than 80.000 factories have been  closed, fined or influenced by the orders of the Chinese government authority. Among these factories there are also the leuco dye producers.

Leuco dye is a key component in thermal paper and this shortage is causing serious problems throughout the industry, it is estimated that almost 80% of the world’s production of leuco dye has been stopped. All this has an effect on price, which has risen up to 500%. Moreover, in the last two months, cellulose is rises by more than 30%, costs associated with increasing demand in China.

As a result, we need to inform our customers that the thermal paper prices will suffer different fluctuations. These are unpleasant news that wouldn’t never have to face, but we feel the need to maintain a sincere communication with our customers.

We remain at your disposal for any need.

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