31 Oct 2012

Adjustment to the provision n. 2012/13386 – 30/01/12

Adeguamento al Provvedimento n. 2012/13386 - 30/01/12

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New type-approval for RB paper rolls
Dear Customer,
it is our pleasure to inform you of important new developments regarding the provision launched on 30.01.2012 by the Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Office), which governs the use of heat sensitive paper for the issue of receipts and other tax documents.

It is a provision that replaces the old regulations and which envisions the adaptation of the manufacturers to the parameters established for the new rolls of paper.

Regarding this, we are happy to inform you that, thanks to great production flexibility and constant technological updating, we have adapted quickly to the new certifications. In fact, we obtained type-approval for the new rolls of paper in November

From December 2012 all of our heat-sensitive paper productions will be realised in compliance with the new regulations and will therefore comply with the physical-mechanical parameters established by the provision.
With respect to the old rolls of paper, the new rolls will be easy to recognise thanks to the new graphics which will give all of the identification elements of the new type-approval on the back.
Moreover, all of the new rolls of heat-sensitive paper produced starting from December, will be in new packaging with a specific mark, which allows to easily recognise the new productions.

Therefore, starting from the above-mentioned date, the supply orders you place with our company, will be considered compliant with the legislation.

It is understood that, the rolls of heat-sensitive paper purchased with previous orders, will be considered valid while stocks last or however up to 31.07.2013. After this date, any paper type-approved with the old provision can no longer be used.

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