10 Mar 2014

1800mq of photovoltaic panels installed

oannelli fotovoltaici azienda

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RB always greener

We have always known that Rotolificio Bergamasco supports the environment. Today, however, confirmation arrives that leaves no room for doubt.

The leading company in the production of paper rolls has decided to start 2014 with a both symbolic and ethical gesture: the installation of a photovoltaic plant able to produce 200kw of clean energy..

Put simply, we are talking about approx. 800 photovoltaic panels destined to cover an area of 1800 mq, practically the entire surface area of the establishment at Gorle (BG).

Strong supporter of the fact that also companies can produce and work with full respect of the environment, in this way RB wanted to give a new incontrovertible signal of its commitment to the cause that it has always supported enthusiastically: companies can really be green.

What does all this mean for Rotolificio Bergamasco customers? Purchasing rolls of RB paper means embracing eco-friendliness.

The products made by the sector leader company are developed from clean energy, they do not pollute and are non-toxic to health (zero CO2 emissions). For this reason, choosing them means adhering to an ethical lifestyle and means siding with the well-being of the entire planet.

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